It happened a little more than a year ago when I turned 65 and was greener than grass. I was on the internet soliciting help from supplemental insurance brokers to “please” respond with a quote. With no luck, with no luck, I kept at my quest. Low and behold, I had one response out of the more than 50 e-mails that I had sent. I was looking for someone who sold a reasonably priced policy, patient with a beginner, wasn’t after the mighty $$$ and most of all a person who would be willing to explain slowly my questions due to “just arriving to “SENIOR HOOD”. Kurt was that person and it has been 1 year plus, I never feel stupid, he explained about the supplemental insurances and enlighten me about this new world of insurances, medications and life insurance. Kurt is a real person who I definitely feel is after my well being as a Senior.

Dyanna S., Nevada