I am only 55 and eligible for Medicare because of Disability. Imagine my shock when I found out that NO ONE wants me! Policies for those of us Under 55 are NOT cheap and easy to find as if I was just turning 65. AFTER a solid month of research, sales pitches, meetings with SHIP, etc., I accidently found Carol & Kurt. They quoted me honestly and professionally, no hard sell, and have followed up on everything. Kurt called me this morning, my first REAL day on Medicare, to let me know everything is Good to Go! A ton has been taken from my shoulders. I faxed my Plan D info to my pharmacy and they said “This can’t be right!” YEP! It is! And my insurance broker told me there are no policies in my state for me like the one I did purchase from Helping Hands. I knew something wasn’t right with all the different quotes I was getting and when I found www.bestmedigaprates.com I KNEW I had found MY PLACE. Thank You, Thank You & Thank You! 

Joanne E. California